French Immersion

French Immersion

Sturgeon Public Schools is excited to announce the expansion of our French Immersion program to the high school level. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, Sturgeon Composite High School will be introducing French Immersion programming with the soft launch of French-taught courses in the Humanities Department.

What is French Immersion?

French Immersion is a program designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn and study the French language in a variety of subjects. The goal of the program is to help students become proficient in French by providing a fully immersive environment where French is the primary language of instruction.

Program Details

High school students enrolling at SCHS will have the opportunity to register for French Language Arts (FLA) 10, as well as Études Sociales 10. Students in the French Immersion program will receive the same curriculum as their peers, but all instruction will be in French. This allows students to develop their French language skills while still meeting their requirements for graduation. 

Why Choose French Immersion?

The vision of French Immersion at Sturgeon Public Schools is to empower non-French speaking students to become bilingual, unlocking the cognitive and social benefits that come with fluency in two languages. Our students will gain proficiency in both French and English, opening up a world of opportunities in international business, travel, and multilingual fields such as diplomacy, international relations, and humanitarian aid. Through our French Immersion programming, students will have the chance to develop a valuable skill set that will serve them well throughout their academic and professional journeys.

Future Opportunities

We are thrilled about the growth of our French Immersion program and look forward to the possibility of offering Sciences and Math in French in the future, depending on enrolment. Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to continue their French language education throughout high school, and we are committed to expanding the program as much as possible.


If you are interested in enrolling in the French Immersion program at Sturgeon Composite High School, please contact the school's office. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started on your French language learning journey!

Phone: 780-973-3301


Thank you for your interest in the French Immersion program at Sturgeon Composite High School. We are excited to provide this opportunity to our students and look forward to seeing the program grow and evolve in the coming years.


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