Policies and Plans

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Our school supports a personal device for every student to enrich their educational experience.

Personal devices are used to access resources, complete assignments and organize the student’s work and time. Activities may include researching information, producing documents, analyzing data, reading e-books, taking notes, scheduling events and demonstrating learning in new ways.

BYOD enriches and extends learning by:

  • Allowing students to participate in their education anytime, anywhere
  • Increasing student engagement
  • Focusing on 21st Century learning, including critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, self-direction, global awareness and cultural literacy
  • Enabling access to digital instructional materials
  • Teaching digital citizenship

Student Accident Insurance

Sturgeon Public Schools has Blanket Student Accident Insurance (Enhanced Coverage) Plan Summary, which covers *Full-time Students. For specific information and resources see

Accidental Dismemberment/Specific Loss Claims Procedures

Accidental Death Claims Procedures

*Full-time student detailed definition can be found in Blanket Student Accident Insurance (Enhanced Coverage) Plan Summary


For more information, contact:

Michelle Wilde
Executive Assistant, Secretary Treasurer
p. 780.939.4341
e. michelle.wilde@sturgeon.ab.ca