There are two types of courses in high school: core and complementary. Core courses are English, social studies, mathematics and science. Complementary courses offer a chance to broaden knowledge by studying a variety of subjects including art, music, second languages, communication technology, fashion studies, sports medicine and many more.

Every Course Has a Number

Grade 10 courses begin with a number 1, Grade 11 courses begin with a number 2, and Grade 12 courses begin with a number 3.

Courses Have a Natural Sequence

Courses are arranged in sequence, such as English 10-1, 20-1 and 30-1. You need to take them in order. In other words, you need to complete English 10-1 before taking English 20-1. English 10-1 is the prerequisite for English 20-1. To complete a course and move onto the next one, you need to earn a mark of 50% or higher.

A Note About Routes

You do not need to select all your courses from the same route. For example, you may choose English 10-1, Mathematics 10-3 and Social Studies 10-2. You may also transfer from one route to another. Your principal, counsellor or teacher can advise you on the best way and time to make the change.