Aboriginal Studies

The course is based on perspectives and worldviews of Aboriginal peoples. It includes the study of traditions and history of Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and particularly in Alberta. Student learning outcomes provide opportunities to examine such topics as governmental structures, literature, the arts and the sciences.
The four themes in Aboriginal Studies 10 are:

• Origin and Settlement Patterns
• Aboriginal Worldviews
• Political and Economic Organization
• Aboriginal Symbolism and Expression

Military Studies

In Military Studies 15-25-35, students will inquire, explore and evaluate the origins of the military, it's diverse roles, involvement in domestic and international affairs and its relationship to political decision making in times of peace and war.  The program gives students an opportunity to study and explore the military in depth with attention to historical, contemporary and emerging real-world issues.

Military Studies has 3 levels available, 15, 25, 35.  Each level focuses on a different time frame and subject area.  Each level has different off campus field trip learning opportunities.  Students have visited museums in Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa with the possibility of visiting Europe.

Learning outcomes in the program are met by guest speakers, live and virtual, hands on learning activities, strategy simulation games and project based learning.